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Create Assignments

Video Tutorial

  1. In MyELT, click Assignments.
  2. Beside the Assignments heading, select your course.
  3. Click Assign Activities.
  4. Under Activity Content, click add activity and select the activities you want to include.
  5. Click Continue.

    If you selected multiple activities, a message will display. Click OK.

  6. In Customize Content, edit the assignment information.
  7. In Customize Content, set Scores for multiple takes if multiple takes are allowed.
    • Keep all results, use best one will use the student's highest result as their final score.
    • Keep all results, use last one will use the student's most recent result as their final score.
  8. Click Save to assign the activities.

    You can edit the assignment information after assigning the activities.

  9. Click Return to go back to the assignment page.