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I can’t record or play back my voice


If you are unable to record or playback your voice, or if the application is having trouble recognizing your speech, there are several reasons why this may be.

Recording your voice

To capture your voice, there are a few basic system requirements that you will need:

  • Computer – Currently, recording and playing back your voice requires that you are viewing the content on a computer, not a portable device such as a tablet or phone. You can view the system requirements for your computer here.
  • Microphone – For best results, we recommend that you use a USB headset to record your voice. Recording your voice with a microphone that is built into your computer can produce too much environmental noise. If you are using a line-in microphone, this has the potential to create noise from the computer, which may make capturing your voice difficult.
  • Input Levels – Adjust your microphone input level according to the instructions supplied by your computer manufacturer. Setting the input level too high or too low can result in poor audio quality and reduce the performance of our speech recognition software.
  • Bandwidth – Our audio recording activities require sufficient bandwidth to capture your voice. If you are geographically distant from the servers and/or are using a low bandwidth connection performance may be affected. Be sure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Port access – MyELT recording activities require access to Port 1935. If you are unsure that your computer or network’s firewall allows access to this port, please consult with your local IT or Firewall application support for instructions on how to open access to the port.

Playing back your voice

To playback your voice, you will need to ensure that you are able to hear audio on your computer. If you are unable to hear your voice, there are several steps you can attempt to resolve your issue:

  • Test playback using a different application or website – If you are unable to hear the audio, try playing audio from another source, such as YouTube, another application, or another website.
  • Check your hardware – If you are unable to hear audio in any application, it is recommended that you follow the practices outlined by your computer manufacturer to enable sound playback on your computer.