Create the Cengage Tool

To enable instructors to integrate their Brightspace® and Spark or MyELT courses, create and register the Cengage tool.

  1. Sign in to Brightspace as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin Tools > Manage Extensibility > LTI Advantage.
  3. Click Register Tool.
  4. Select Dynamic.
  5. Under Tool initiation registration endpoint , paste the registration URL provided in the email from Spark or MyELT.
  6. Select Configure Deployment and click Register.

    A confirmation page opens in a new window.

  7. Click Register to confirm the registration of Cengage LTI Advantage, and click Close to close the window.

    The Cengage tool has been created, but it is disabled by default.

  8. From the list of LTI Advantage tools, select Cengage.
  9. Click Enable.