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Join a Course for Self-Study

If you do not have a teacher, join a new self-study course with your existing NGL Online Practice account.

Important Use NGL Online Practice for self-study only if you do not have a teacher and you are not learning English in a school.

I have a teacher

  1. Sign in at
    1. Click Sign in.
    2. Enter your Username and Password.
    3. Click Sign in.
  2. Click My Account > My account at the top right of the page.
  3. Enter your Course Key.

    Look up your self-study course key:


    Where are you studying?


    What textbook are you using?


    What level are you studying?

    Course key
    Start Again
  4. If prompted, enter your Access Code.

    This step is skipped if you do not need to enter an access code.

    Find your access code

    In your book or printed access card
    Open the front cover of your book or get your printed access card. Scratch off the coating.
    Online access code
    You might also be able to purchase an online access code.
  5. Click Join.

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