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Create an Assignment

Create an assignment using activities from your NGL Online Practice course. You can set due dates, assign the assignment to specific students, preview the assignment, and allow multiple attempts.

Video Tutorial: Create and Edit Assignments

  1. Sign in at
  2. From the Assignments tab, click New Assignment.
    Assignment menu with New Assignment button
  3. Enter the assignment’s basic information.
    Assignment title
    Start date
    When students can first access the assignment
    Due date
    When the assignment is due
    No dates
    Optional: Do not set start and due dates for the assignment. Students can access the assignment throughout the course.
    Optional: Additional instructions for your students
    Allow the users to try again
    Let students retake activities
    Assignment creation begins with entering basic assignment information.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Click Add course to select resources and select the course your assignment is for.
    All the instructor's courses are shown in the assignment creator.
  6. Select content to add to your assignment.
    1. Click Expand to view available content in your course.
    2. To add all activities in a unit, click Add all to the left of the unit name.
    3. To view lessons in the unit, click Expand next to the unit name.
    4. To add all activities in a lesson, select the lesson.
    5. To view activities in a lesson, click Expand next to the lesson name.
    6. Select an activity to add it to your assignment.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Select the students who should complete the assignment. You can select all students by clicking All, or select individual students.
    Selecting All assigns the assignemnt to all students in your course.
  9. Click Create to save your new assignment.