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Creating Course Sections

You can create multiple sections within a single, master course.

Before you begin, create the master course by following Creating and Updating Courses. Any changes you make in the master course assignments will also appear in the section.

Students can enroll in only one section at a time; if they register later for a different section, they will lose the work they have already completed in the original section.

CAUTION: If you delete the master course, all of its sections are also deleted.

  1. Go to Enter your username and password. Click Sign In.
  2. Click Courses.
  3. In the Actions column on the far right, click Create and then click Section.
  4. Enter the section information.
    Section Name
    The name of the section as it should appear to students.
    Section Number
    (Optional) Any additional identifying information for the section, such as which days it meets or a number.
    Section Starts On
    (Optional) If you enter a future date, the section will not appear to students until then even if they are already enrolled in it.
    Section Ends On
    (Optional) The section will no longer appear to students after this date.
  5. Click Create Section.
  6. Write down the code or “key” assigned to your course so you can give it to your students to enter when they enroll in your course, and then click Save Course & Exit.
    Note The Course Key also appears on the Courses tab in MyELT.