Sakai Integration

Integrate SakaiĀ® with Spark or MyELT to let instructors and students access Spark or MyELT content and activities directly from Sakai. If you're using Sakai version 21.x or later, follow the steps to update your existing tool or for dynamic registration. If you're using Sakai version 20.x or 19.x, follow the manual steps to update or register the tool.

Before setting up Spark or MyELT integration with Sakai, contact your NGL representative to request configuration details for your institution.

Note For WebAssign, many schools now use an integration method in the following instructions. These integration methods are only available for courses using NGL products.

If your school uses the old integration method, this process is not needed. WebAssign provides instructors with all the information they need to integrate their classes with Sakai. For more information, see Instructor Help.