Create an External Tool in Schoology for LTI 1.0 Integration

Instructors at your school can use the external tool to add course links from Schoology® to Spark without needing the shared key and secret. This is easier for instructors and improves security.

Before setting up Spark or MyELT integration with Schoology, contact your National Geographic Learning representative to request configuration details for your institution.

This information is emailed to you and includes the following items:

  • The consumer key for your school.
  • The shared secret for your school.
  • The for the learning platform.
  • One or more product ISBN for the products used at your school.
  1. Sign in to Schoology as an administrator.
  2. Click Tools > School Management.
  3. Under School Management, click Integration.
  4. Click the External Tools tab.
  5. Click Add External Tool Provider.
  6. Enter the following information:
    Field Value
    Tool Name Spark
    Consumer Key The consumer key you were given.
    Shared Secret The shared secret you were given.
    Privacy Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches
    Configuration Type Manual
    Match By URL
    Custom Parameters
    Note Leave this empty. Instructors will specify their product ISBN for each course.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Give instructors the following information so they can create Spark using the tool:
    • The product ISBN for each product.
    • The tool name, if you set it to anything different from Spark.